Hi!  I’m Tracy.  I’m so glad you stopped by my blog.  I hope you will find it relatable, authentic, and possibly hilarious.  I am quite sure I am hilarious but grossly unappreciated for that quality.

A little about me:  I’m a wife and a mom.  I work as a nurse practitioner in pediatrics. I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up even though I picked a career and ran with it.  I love to read uninterrupted, but that is a pipe dream because my children have above average interrupting skills.  But they’re cute!  I also love yoga, running, and hiking.

I started blogging in early 2016 to chronicle my adventure to Haiti on a short-term missions trip.  In the process I discovered that I love writing too, and find it useful for dumping off my emotional baggage and coping with the challenges of life with a young family and a full-time job.  So far, blogging has been a healthier alternative to screaming into my pillow, though I still employ this coping mechanism when needed.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. You forgot to mention that in a former life you were known as “Snow White” because you bear a striking resemblance to that beautiful Disney Princess, or at least you did when your hair was shorter and styled similarly! I am so excited to read about this dream of yours. BTW, you ought to add to your bucket list “Writing articles, and maybe a book about my experiences as an NP” because you are an excellent writer. I can SO relate to much of what you have written here about life at this stage (yes, I do remember those days although they were LONG ago!)—the grumpiness, the exhaustion, the temptation to withdraw from anything that is refueling because it seems there is just no time to think of yourself. I applaud your new path, and I’m exciting to keep hearing more! YOU GO GIRL!!


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