7/3/17: Medical clinic day 1

My feet are swollen.  I have full-on cankles. My legs are several shades darker than usual even though I haven’t really been in the sun.  It won’t wash off, so I’m pretty sure I have a semi-permanent dirt tan that has leached into my dermis.  Even so, totally worth it.  

We had a great day.  We set out early but not early enough to dodge the PAP traffic.  There was a vendor carrying bananas on his head that was way faster than the post-apocalyptic school bus during rush hour.  But we made it to the HAC eventually and got to work setting up the clinic while the bus went to pick up the kids from the orphanage.

We had to wait quite a while for our guests of honor to arrive, because again, traffic.  Plus, 27 kids and their caretakers on a school bus.  You do the math.  We cheered when they arrived!  

They don’t leave the orphanage much so it was quite an adventure for them to get on the bus and come spend the day with us.  We had some of our team playing downstairs while we cycled the kids through the clinic upstairs.  

Our purpose was to perform well checks but also be able to treat any simple illnesses, and identity anyone needing a referral for a more chronic issue.  This little baby (above) came in looking pretty sick.  His house mom said he had been having diarrhea for a week.  He was lethargic, dehydrated, and pretty much had the “wet dishrag” look about him.  Thankfully he was not vomiting and was able to be rehydrated orally.  By the end of the day…

…totally new kid.  Playing, peeing, the whole nine.  Thankful that we didn’t need a higher level of care for this little guy. 
The rest of the kids looked really good!  Everyone got deworming medicine (parasites are very common in close living quarters and can cause nutritional deficiencies), vitamins, and a few got prescriptions for some minor things.  

We had some wonderful people join us from Community Health Initiative (CHI) Haiti.  CHI is helping us as we learn to do this work in a culturally sensitive, efficient, safe, and sustainable manner.  

On the left is Dr. Ben, who is a Haitian physician and was a great asset to our team today!  On the right is a coordinator from CHI.  His last name is Danger so he is affectionately nicknamed Dr. Danger by the CHI team.  We had a moment of confusion this morning after I met him and thought he was an actual doctor, and almost got him set up with a stethoscope and exam table! 😆

Everything is packed up for the night and we return tomorrow to do it again.   Here are a few more pictures from our day!

In the play yard at FREM

Pharmacy set up

Oral rehydration!

Little buddy

Kids playing with Debbie

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