7/2/17: Church and prepping for medical clinic

Good evening friends and family!  It’s been a long tiring day, so I’m going to hit the high notes for you and then get some sleep.

We set out for church at the Valley of Hope in Chambon early this morning in our chariot for the week, which happens to be a post-apocalyptic school bus.


I don’t know where this school bus came from originally or how it got to Haiti, but it is one serious piece of machinery.  They don’t make them like this anymore, folks.  Pretty sure something is going to give way in there sometime soon, and hopefully I will not be in it when it happens.  Anyhow, we pretty much have the biggest vehicle on the road, and everyone knows the biggest vehicle wins in Haiti.  So don’t worry mom, I’m 100% safe(ish).

We drove down the main highway out of PAP toward Chambon, and turned onto the rocky path leading to the village.  I remember it from last time we were here, but I learned today that this “road” used to be a river bed that has long ago run dry.  The trees lining the road are coated in white dust from top to bottom.   It’s a bumpy, motion-sickness inducing ride by bus but easier to navigate by moto, I’m told (minus the dust factor).

We attended church and I recognized some of the kids from last year, though I am sure I was just an unrecognizable “blan” to them (“blan” being the Haitian term for “white”, of course).  The service was in Kreyole so I did not understand what was being said, but I have this sneaky feeling they were talking about God.  Just a guess.  They are a lovely, welcoming church and greeted us at the end with smiles, handshakes, and hugs.  We then had some time to play and interact with the kids and teens.  Some of the boys got a game of soccer going, and the girls got their nails done.


After our goodbyes, we loaded back up on the PASB (post-apocalyptic school bus) to our next destination, which was the Haitian-American Caucus (HAC), a school about 20 minutes from Chambon.  We are using the space at the HAC for our medical clinic starting tomorrow and needed to check out the space and figure out how to best use it for our needs.

After some discussion and trouble-shooting, we were able to come up with a reasonable plan and partition off some areas for triage, exam “rooms”, and an area for our pharmacy.


Nice big space.  The far side is curtained off for examining areas, the area closest to the camera will be triage.


Gotta do something to keep those curtains from flapping in the wind!


Resourcefulness is key.


We are expecting about 35 kids from an orphanage tomorrow that our organization has a long-standing relationship with.  I had the privilege of visiting this particular orphanage last year.   We expect a learning curve with our process but we are excited to see our little friends from FREM.

The evening was spent having dinner, planning and assigning roles for tomorrow, and sorting medical supplies so we are ready to go bright and early.  Can’t wait to share more with you tomorrow!


Do not let Frank provide you with medical care of any kind.


Hmmm, what’s this for again?


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