Getting photo-bombed before departure

Well, after a full day of travel, I am happy to report that I made it safely to Port-Au-Prince!  It was a long day, full of very confusing airport rules.  I am the WORST at “airporting”.  Every time I go on a plane I just end up looking like a complete moron.  I decided to embrace it this time, and just tell the personnel up front that I don’t travel much, I am really bad at this, and please don’t yell at me if I make a mistake.  The girl at ticketing gave me the blank stare, but otherwise my honesty was well received and I got the support I needed to make it through.  Aside from a small snafu in the security check with a brand new bottle of specialized bug spray that cost $12 on Amazon that I was forced to throw in the trash, I came out relatively intact with my belongings in tow.

Once we arrived, the sun was already down.  We were driven from the airport in Heartline’s truck.  Check it out:


Our chariot for the week

I am staying at the Heartline guest house.  It is very safe and secure, in a gated area with security guards and 2 large dogs.  We were fed a meal upon arrival and had some time to settle in and get the lay of the land.  I got to call my babies, which resulted in much weeping (them, not me!).  Everyone pray for Jeff this week, will you?

It is super hot here.  I am working up an Olympic sweat just typing this, even though I am sitting directly in front of a fan.  It is going to be a very drippy week!  Tomorrow we will be heading out to Chambone, which is a rural village where we will be attending church and spending some time with the people  there.  Can’t wait to tell you all more about it tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Airporting-4/9/16

  1. The more you travel the more savy you will be in airports. No worries😘 .
    Enjoy your time. Haiti people are lucky to have you this week. Do good my friend😊


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