It’s a small world after all



Today I got to make a new friend.  Her name is Kelly, and she is sweet, bubbly, and so cute and little I could just put her in my pocket.  Kelly and I are going to Haiti together next month to visit Heartline, and it turns out we live in the same city.

Can you believe this?  We have a total of 5 people from the USA going to Heartline, and  2 of us live in the Rochester area.  It gets weirder….

…we both work for the University of Rochester Medical Center…

…we both have husbands named Jeff/Geoff…

… We worked at Strong Memorial at the same time for about a year, somewhere around 2001, and we both thought the other looked vaguely familiar….

… Our husbands are both avid bikers and, in fact, when we met for lunch, both Jeff and Geoff were racing this morning, at the exact same race

…we even wore the same shirt to lunch (different colors, but same shirt).

It was a joy to get to know Kelly this morning, as our kids played with their food and we ignored them as much as possible.  The kids hit it off too!  When lunch was over, Nate suggested, “why don’t we head back to our house, and you girls can talk while we play?”  Alas, there were birthday parties to attend and errands to run, so we had to take a rain check on that.  Hopefully Kelly and I will be able to get more acquainted on the plane ride down, if we can score seats beside each other!

Only 3 more weeks until we depart!


The offspring (minus Kelly’s youngest, who had better things to do apparently)😉

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