New list of items needed for children in Haiti!

Hello family and friends.  I have been sick at home all week, on my couch.  It is not as relaxing as it sounds.  It is mostly very achy and chilly and sweaty, and there have been lots of tissues involved.  And now I have a little 7 year-old home with a fever who, once medicated with ibuprofen, wants to do things like ride her bike and go to the museum, like she’s on vacation or something.  Ha!  Kids.

Anyhow, I got an email from Heartline today, with a list of things they are collecting for the orphanages and schools they are affiliated with. We will be visiting some schools and orphanages on our trip, and interacting with the children there.  For anyone who hasn’t done their shopping yet and would like to still contribute, Heartline has a need for the following items:

Jump  ropes
Flip  flops
Regular  shoes
Children’s  size  T-­shirts
School  supplies
Soccer  balls
Decks  of  cards
Uno  (card  game)
Water  bottles  or  those  bag  type  water  bottles
Jump  ropes
Bells,  Shakers
Rain  sticks
Slap  bracelets
Matchbox  type  cars
Candy  (non-­‐sugar  like  jolly  ranchers)
Jewelry  accessories
Small  matchbox/hot  wheel  cars
Art  and  craft  supplies

I am still collecting supplies for the maternity center too.  If you missed it, that list is here, and their Amazon wish list is here.

I had my first conference call last week and will have an update for you, when I have the energy!



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